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Case Study: DropPit

Case Study: DropPit Cigarette Bin


Bath Spa University came to geViews in 2016 to find a solution to their cigarette and small litter problem that was beginning to clutter the campus, giving a bad impression to visitors and students.  Cigarette butts and chewing gum were being discarded around bu...

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Park Benches for the Public Environement

Benches are a perfect addition to any street scene.

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Our Legacy Hardwood Planters

Hardwood planters in our Legacy range.

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Barrier Baskets Perfect for the Roadside

Brighten up roads and dual carriageways with our barrier baskets. 

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Getting to Know geViews...

geViews is proud of its reputation, bringing over 150 years of experience to provide you with great products for your streetscene.

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geViews Litter Picker Range

geViews offer a range of different litter picking tools for different needs.

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5 Reasons to Use a Floor Planter

geViews have put together 5 great reasons for using a floor planter.

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Amethyst Planter Range

Our Amethyst planter range has a variety of planters for different locations...

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geViews Street Furniture

geViews offer a range of street furniture to make public spaces more interesting and pleasant for your community.

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10 Location Ideas for Tower Planters

10 locations perfectly suited for your tower planter

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