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Planters as Horticultural Therapy

Horticultural therapy is all about using plants and gardening to improve physical and mental health. Gardens can be used as a safe and secure place to help individuals become more sociable and learn practise skills to develop their independence.

It has been shown to alleviate stress, improve well-being, influence healing and promote the participation in social life by those with physical or mental illness.

geViews offer a range of wooden planters that can be adapted to change the height and width, making them compatible with wheelchair users. Our planters open up possibilities for wheelchair users that were previously very difficult to achieve. Similarly our planters can be used by people who enjoy gardening as a hobby but are unable to bend down or have difficulty standing up.

Hardwood Planters

Manufactured at our factory in Castle Donington, our planters have been made and designed with over 150 years of experience. All our timber is sourced from well managed forests and can be chosen to suit any environment. 

As designers and manufacturers of wooden planters, we can supply a variety of traditional and contemporary styles and these can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Each planter features an internal protective membrane to ensure a long service life.

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