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DropPit Litter Bins

Do you suffer from cigarette butts and chewing gum on your property? If so, then a DropPit bin may be the perfect solution for you.

DropPit           DropPit bin

Perfect for university campuses and city centres, the Drop Pit is a discreet way of managing cigarette and chewing gum waste. Built in at ground level, small litter can be dropped through the grate and the pit can be removed to get rid of the waste.


The DropPit is available with a robust rear plate which clearly indicates its use, this can also be used for your logo or advertising. The size and discreet design of the DropPit allows for effective waste management without being an eyesore.

The DropPit is especially effective in university environments where people tend to drop waste rather than use mounted disposal units. In these cases the DropPit should be put where most waste is dropped, allowing the most waste to be collected. 

It can be emptied in one operation, the removable waste bin is easy to get empty so it is easier to celan your entrance. 


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