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10 Location Ideas for Tower Planters

1. Business Parks

    Tower planters are perfect for business parks as they add brightness and colour to cold, industrial settings.

2. Shopping Centres

    With spaces for advertising our tower planters add colour and style whilst promoting deals and shops.

3. University Campuses and Schools

    All our plastic products come in a range of colours allowing you to customise your planter to your representative colours.

4. Hotels

    Perfect to signpost your location or simply for advertising, our tower planters will ensure the outside of your hotel is bright and         eye-catching.

5. High Streets

    Our tower planters will add colour and character to busy high streets, perfect for ‘in Bloom’ schemes and green spaces.

6. Golf Courses

    Tower planters add interest and character to golf courses and have the option to advertise sponsors or mark holes.

7. Garden Centre

    Our tower planters are ideal for showcasing a variety of plants. They are available with up to seven separate tiers allowing a    range of plants to be displayed.

8. Roads

    Our tower planters can be put in the middle of islands or roundabouts to add colour to roads and dual carriageways.

9. Public and Community Gardens

    Introducing planters to public gardens are a great way of adding interest to a green space and can be used to involve the               community in outdoor pursuits. 

10. Amusement Parks/ Holiday Parks

      Our tower planters can act as tools for advertising and signposting as well as being attractive floral displays.


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