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geViews Street Furniture

Making public spaces interesting and pleasant can often be very difficult. The character and quality of public spaces is often judged on the aesthetic appeal of its street furniture, so the use of high quality, well designed products is incredibly important.

At geViews we offer a range of products to ensure your streetscene is a clean, safe and welcoming place to be:


Parish Noticeboards

Parish noticeboard

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Noticeboards are an incredibly important part of community life, alerting people to functions and helping new members to integrate themselves into the community.

Our noticeboards are made from sustainable hardwood making them durable and stylish.



Castle Park bench

Benches are a perfect way of encouraging people to rest in and enjoy public areas. Our benches can be designed for dedications to remember family members or prominent members of the community.  

Our Castle Park benches come in two sizes which make them suitable for a variety of spaces and locations.  


Picnic Benches


Everyone loves a picnic, and picnic tables are the perfect addition to parks, community events and outdoor eating areas.  

Our picnic tables come in a range of sizes with tables seating up to 8 people, ideal for large community events.


Grit Bins

Grit Bin

In cold weather, ice and snow can be a real problem, particularly for elderly people. It is therefore incredibly important to have a grit bin in public areas to reduce the risk of slipping on roads and pavements.

Our grit bins have a large 400l capacity and can be made in any colour including stone effects.



Ranger Litterpicker

Little pickers are ideal for community groups involved with the maintenance and upkeep of public areas.

geViews offers a wide range of litter pickers and accessories, including those for children, so the whole community can get involved.


Litter bins (DropPit)



The discreet DropPit helps keep public spaces clean as it specifically targets cigarette ends and chewing gum.

The DropPit has aesthetic appeal as it is built at ground level and takes up little space in public areas.



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