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Wood effect planters

Outdoor planters need to be durable, as UV from the sun, rain, snow and even pollution can all affect their appearance and strength. Wooden planters are beautiful to look at, but require more maintenance than a plastic planter to keep on resisting the elements outside.

The Newforest range of wood effect planters are all self-watering and are made of 100% recyclable material. These planters are made with the look of hardwood, in either Oak or Teak effects, with all the advantages of plastic:

Newforest planter outside in the sunshine with flowers

1. The long life of a plastic planter, with the visual appeal of wood.

2. Large capacity water reservoir allows watering less often than a wooden planter.

3. Lower cost to purchase than hardwood, but provides the same attractive effect.

4. UV stable so it won't fade over time, unlike some wooden planters.

5. Made from 100% recyclable materials.

6. Low on-going maintenance costs, no painting required.

7. Excellent fracture and impact resistance.

8. Attractive and practical.

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